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about me

The brilliance and beauty of stained glass - allowing the richness of colour, light and movement to come to life

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Brenda is a stained glass artist residing in Wallaceburg.
Glass has always held a fascination for me but it was my journey to find myself after multiple traumas that led to the discovery of this beautiful medium and the artist within.
I hope the joy I feel in creating each piece comes through to those who view my art and that something in a particular piece will speak to or touch your heart on a personal level.
I have been so fortunate to have worked with amazing customers and bring their ideas to fruition. I was also honored this year to be commissioned by the Wallaceburg and District Museum to design and construct a permanent installation to pay tribute to the 105 yr. history of the Wallaceburg Glass Factory and the people who had worked there.

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Brenda Henry

Stained Glass Artist


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